“Timisoara, I want more” – 3 hour tour

If you have a little more time in Timisoara, then we definitely recommend this tour. We go off-centre and we add an extra hour to the introductory two hour tour, making you explore another facet of the city.

We visit the place where the 1989 anti-communist Revolution started. We have a peak into another historical quarter of Timisoara and its impressive Art Nouveau architecture. Then we head towards the centre of the city, crossing the river Bega, one of the locals’ favourite leisure areas. We’ll continue through the central part and discover its main attractions, like in the two hours tour.

Usually we make a short refreshment break along the way in one of the many cosy cafes in the city centre. We finish the tour near Bastion, the old city walls.


The tour takes about 3 hours.

Starting point: Maria Square, in front of the statue

Ending point: Bastion, the old city walls

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