The river has always been an important part of the city’s life. Once a flourishing port, now the banks of the river are the locals’ favorite leisure area, especially in summer.

This is a relaxed three hour walk during which we will discover famous bridges, lush parks, history of the city seen from a different angle, see one of the oldest trees in town and hear about a famous gardener who lived here, peek into the city’s university life, see street art and mix with the locals at one of the hip open air pubs in the area.

New! Since recently we have a boat service on the river, so we can mix the walking with the boat riding.


The tour takes place only during the warm season!

The tour takes about 3 hours and roughly 3 kilometres

Starting point: Iron Bridge. See directions 

Ending point: Decebal Bridge

Or we can agree upon the starting and ending point, according to your preferences.

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