Timisoara, an art nouveau city

Art Nouveau, also called Jugendstil (Germany), Sezession (Austria), Szecesszió  (Hungary) or Stile florale (Italy) was – as its name says – a new form of art, that wanted to break away from the classical tradition. It’s visible not only in architecture, but also furniture, graphic design, painting, glass and metal work and in general, decorative arts. It spread all throughout Europe and America starting from the end of the 19th century to the first decade of the 20th century.

The extravagant houses and art designed by Gaudi, Horta, Guimard, Klimt or Otto Wagner say it all about the rebellious characteristics of this “new art”.

Compared to these masterpieces, renowned world-wide, probably Timisoara is not the first city that comes to mind when we speak of Art Nouveau. But this is typical of our city, its beauty is not screaming, but quietly speaks to the curious eye.

In the beginning of the 20th century Timisoara was going through big changes and developing like never before. What was happening then? Long story…

Many houses were built in the Art Nouveau Style during those years, but with a local influence – Hungarian or Viennese. Even though some of them are run down today, they still speak of their past beauty.

We leave you with some photos and we invite you to discover these beauties on our tours and hear the story behind their construction. We will show you old photos of Timisoara, which give a better understanding of how the city evolved during the belle-epoque. We recommend the three our tour to get the best of it. Or we can make a special “Art Nouveau tour” on request.


Look up!

This is what I tell tourists quite often. Actually, it’s a thing I learned from photography: this kind of attention and curiosity to everything that surrounds us which makes you discover beauty and real (visual) gems in places that seem ordinary. In this aspect, the tour guide and the photographer are similar to an explorer 😉

So when we’re making guided tours of Timisoara we’re trying to point out architectural details and building ornaments that have a story, which reveal a more intimate face of the city, that I often discovered while photographing.

I even started some photo projects on this theme. One of them, which is very dear to me, is “The stone people of Timisoara”, which I hope will become a photo album in the near future. I was so surprised to discovered an entire “population” of men, women, fairies, animals, angels, children, mythological creatures that decorate the buildings of Timisoara.

Here are some of them, that you can meet …if you look up 🙂