About us

Hello, we are Claudia and Cristian, professional tour guides, passionate about exploring Timisoara and Banat, our home town and region.

In our city tours we would like to share with you our love for Timisoara and guide thorough its surprising mix of history and cosmopolitan present, architectural gems and hidden laid back spots, original places to go out, multi-cultural heritage and local stories which give the city its unmistakable flavour.

We are also organizing trips in the Banat region in which we make you explore another dimension of the Romanian experience: a feeling of back in time in rural areas, the quietness of isolated monasteries and the spiritual heritage linked to old wooden churches, breath-taking natural reservations, hiking and adventure in the mountains or traditional culinary delights in locals’ homes.

We like to make our tours personal, bring to guiding a bit of ourselves and our experiences.

So, a little about us:

Claudia has lived abroad for some years in different countries in Europe which surprisingly, made her appreciate more her hometown. She is also a photographer, writer and generally a very creative person, who brings her passions in the tours she makes: the eye for detail from photography, a knack for storytelling from writing and her funny-warm nature that makes you feel at home around her.

Cristian is the kind of person that can talk history at breakfast and make you forget about your scrambled eggs. He is a passionate reader and trail runner, knows a lot about music and beer. Without being too geeky 🙂 he can prove that history is never boring and has a thousand stories to keep you fascinated about many facets of the city and region.